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      Deep Dive Into New York City Air Traffic Control Using Flightradar24

     Track Flights – Listen to Controllers – Learn How It All Works – June 13,2019


There’s No Point In Arguing With The Weather (But Still !!)

Humble Beginnings For Mindful Practice – November 5, 2018


Kate and Emma Williams Very Closeup

One Hundred Years From Now, All New People

A Photo Essay on Carpe Diem Themes, Featuring Huntington, New York at the Turn Of The Century  –  October 8, 2018


seekers 2

My Sixties Soundtrack

24 Songs, 16 Minute Video Compilation, Band Backstories, Anecdotes, Stats, Then and Now’s  –  September 25, 2018



Tuck’ins ‘n Premonitions

Sentimental Musings of a Father (Memoir)  –  July 23, 2018


My Favorite Arya Stark Scenes

20 Minutes of Video – From Game Of Thrones  –  July 13, 2018


Littlefinger Explains Donald Trump

“What’s the worst reason a person could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do.” – Littlefinger, from Game of Thrones  –  June 11, 2018


Witness James Goodman

A heart-warming tale about a stranger who miraculously saves a young girl’s life and then disappears. A reporter tracks him down and makes a startling discovery.   (Short story fiction)   –   February 26, 2018


From Normandy to the Oval Office – A Tale of Pride and Prejudice

A political essay on the United States’ fall from grace  –  January 22, 2018


My 5 Favorite Movies That You Probably Never Heard Of

Short descriptions /  links to trailers  –  December 13, 2017


My Top 5 Movies, By Genre

Drama, Rom-Com, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Classics … and more  – December 13, 2017


Ode To Author Richard Bode

Biography and Excerpts from the author of “First You Have To Row a Little Boat” –  October 17, 2017


Dreams of Saint John’s

A young hockey player meets a cute girl on a frozen moonlit pond in 1974. Short story.  –  October 6, 2016


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