Welcome! I’m Joe. I live on Long Island, New York, and I enjoy writing: memoirs, political opinion, technical stuff, short stories, essays, whatever. I hope you find something  you like. Thanks for visiting!

Harrison Ford Sightings In Huntington, Long Island
Folks have reported seeing the mega movie star in and around Huntington Village. But was it really  him? Or  just some guy.  [Humor]   Jan 8, 2021

Growing Up In 1960s Long Island
In an era before high tech, we had it “made in the shade.” [Short stories and anecdotes]  Dec 31, 2020

How It Works:  Bicycle Gears Hidden Inside The Hub
Because what’s ‘under the hood’ is more than you ever imagined – and so cool ! [Technical Essay]  May 30, 2020

My Apology To The World For Donald J. Trump
Injecting disinfectant into arms? Really? An open letter to the citizens of all nations. [Political Opinion]  April 24, 2020

We’re All In This Together
As COVID-19 bears down upon my home town … [Personal Reflection]  March 15, 2020

But For Wales?
Republicans in Congress voted to acquit Donald Trump of high crimes. They won, but at what cost?  [Political Opinion] February 28, 2020

Mesmerizing World of Precision Spinning Tops
For people who love precision-crafted gizmos that do crazy amazing things. [Whimsical Essay]  December 4, 2019

Deep Dive Into New York City Air Traffic Control 
NYC has arguably the most complex air space in the world. And you can watch – live!  [Technical  Essay] June 13,2019

A Gentle Introduction to Mindfulness
Mindfulness is powerful, but not easy. This is how I keep it simple and still make it work. [Personal Reflection]  November 5, 2018

One Hundred Years From Now,  All New People
There was a time when these folks walked the same streets I walk today. And now they don’t. [Photo Essay on carpe diem themes] October 8, 2018

My Sixties Soundtrack
Songs from the coolest decade /  backstories / anecdotes. [Music  /  Memoir]  September 25, 2018

Tuck-ins ’n Premonitions
I once had a near out-of-body experience that made me painfully aware of the fleeting nature of time and the transient joys of fatherhood.  [Memoir] July 23, 2018

My Favorite Arya Stark Scenes
That would be Arya, of House Stark, from Game of Thrones. [Video Compilation]  July 13, 2018

Littlefinger Explains Donald Trump
That would be Littlefinger, of House Littlefinger, from Game of Thrones. Because it takes one to know one. [Political Opinion] June 11, 2018

Witness James Goodman
A stranger saves a young girl’s life and then mysteriously disappears. [Short Story Fiction] February 26, 2018

From Normandy to the Oval Office – A Tale of Pride and Prejudice
Bearing witness to the United States’ fall from grace. [Political Opinion]  January 22, 2018

My 5 Favorite Movies You Probably Never Heard Of
Some of my all-time favorite movies are totally off the radar. Here are five of them, including  links to trailers.  December 13, 2017

My Top 5 Movies, By Genre
I love movies. Here are my top 5, by genre: Drama, Rom-Com, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Classics … and more.  December 13, 2017

Ode To Author Richard Bode 
Author of “First You Have To Row a Little Boat – Reflections on Life and Living.” Because if not me, then who? [Biography / Excerpts]  October 17, 2017

Dreams of Saint John’s
A young hockey player finds romance on a frozen moonlit pond. [Semi-Autobiographical Romantic Short Story]  October 6, 2016

Just Sayin’  
A running commentary of short observations / shout-outs / whatever, interesting but not quite full-post worthy.


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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I loved your story!
    I was however disappointed it was only fiction and not the real deal of boy meets girl.
    I grew up in Merrick and moved away when I was 25.
    We used to skate at the reservoir behind my house.
    You could see it from Meadowbrook Pkwy.
    We would walk through the woods down to the Rez as we called it!
    We skated and skated and skated.
    Someone always built a fire.
    And we could see the light at the backdoor in the distance. When it came on….time to go home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Carol, a kindred spirit indeed. Yes, I skated and skated and skated too. And I grew up in North Merrick, small world. Glad you enjoyed Dreams Of Saint John’s, thanks for reaching out!


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